mercredi, avril 28, 2010

Hand-made Jewellery and Coffee Mornings

Jewellery Party

JW did coffee morning yesterday and it was well-attended as usual, with lots of lovely English ladies and cute toddlers competing for buttered English scones and chocolate cake with the adults. Our gracious hostess offered coffee and tea à volonté and I managed to catch up with a few people I have not seen for a while.

I have mentioned before that it was also some sort of jewellery party. Wendy brought along her beautiful hand-made jewellery and arranged them with lots of love and care for our consideration and admiration. It was difficult deciding what to try on, but of course also very fun doing so.


Most of the pieces are made in sterling silver, gold and other metals. With diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones. Some of them were simple, others quite elaborate. On display were also a few pieces of exquisite work.

Lovely flower brooch

Wendy sells her hand-made jewellery on etsy, dawanda and boticca and she also has a blog. If you're looking for nice, artistic pieces to offer as a gift, it could be an idea to check out what she has. You can even have something made to measure.

A few intricate bangles...

I would have been tempted to buy a few pieces for myself or to offer if I've not already bought this and this recently. Besides I'm quite allergic to anything that is not almost pure gold.

A few of the rings

It wasn't easy for Wendy to show off her jewellery in a room filled with toddlers, but then it would be difficult for many of the ladies to leave home without bringing such young children along. I could feel that she wasn't happy about it and this could be confirmed when you catch her complaining about it on Twitter and Facebook. Still, I thought that she would appreciate that this could be a start and with more exposure and word-of-mouth, she could be better-known in the local expat community and beyond. The school wouldn't be a good place for her to showcase her jewellery though - since by definition it would be filled with children. LOL

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Thank you for this.

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