vendredi, avril 30, 2010

Lamb Roast

Lamb Roast (before the roasting)

The amount of fat covering the lamb roast should have put me off, but it excited me instead. It will keep the meat moist, yummy!

But best not to roast the vegetables with the meat if you do not want them covered in the fat when it melts. Roast them separately. I put them there to make the roast stand out for the photo session.

Cooked lamb roast (of course we didn't serve or eat the fat)

We eat our lamb pink, so the flesh is not totally cooked. When the meat is fresh and good, this is the best way to eat lamb.

The Babies love lamb and ate up most of the meat between them. I know that this is rare for children their age. You see that I've trained them well. :-)

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