lundi, avril 19, 2010

Easy Rye Bread

Rye Bread
CH invited a few mums to her house for coffee one morning and she served us this lovely bread that she made herself. I saw her taking the (wet) dough out of the fridge and just dumping bits onto an oven tray to be baked into nice crusty buns. What happened to the kneading and proofing?

I haven't worked that method out yet and decided to stick to what I already know. Bought rye bread flour from Lidl and made a loaf of rye bread today.

Ugly loaf

With good ole live yeast, warm water, salt, the rye bread flour and a few hours of leavening and a little proofing. Bread wasn't pretty since I didn't even bother to knead or shape it, was sliced badly, but it didn't taste bad. The Teenager ate half the loaf in a few minutes. I need to work on my bread as MIL will be here for a month and she needs to eat bread everyday.

I've had a busy morning. First to school to make a short presentation on my experience as a volunteer with the elderly (for 5 years when I was still in Singapore) for Action Week, followed by a quick trip to P's to pick up the (best) chicken curry that she kindly and specially cooked for Baby Boy (but of course the rest of us will be eating it too). After which I joined 11 other women for an Italian-speaking lunch at Ca' del Rio in Casinalbo. It was tiring trying to speak Italian for 2 hours and now I'm having a headache and my tongue's all rolled up.

P's Chicken Curry

Finally, I picked up Armand's classmate LM for a playdate and have just finished making them a picnic (the English girl wanted a Marmite and Ham Toast which made my day since I love Marmite myself!). It's a warm day and they are all jumping in the trampoline.

Sometime this week, CT will finally reveal his famous Pork Ribs recipe in our very first Cookery Club lesson. Yes, I've just started a Cookery Club with a few members and he has offered to inaugurate the club by being the first to start. Love the guy, but not really sure now that it's a good idea since he would be a hard act to follow and we would all feel inferior when it's our turn to do the lessons.

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