mercredi, avril 28, 2010

Combined Grades 1 and 2 Walk and Lunch

Cascate Bucamante, Serramazzoni (MO)

We have to remember to thank Mother Nature for her little wonders from time to time. Like a nice little waterfall in an otherwise nondescript Modena region. Like lovely sunny weather on the day you decided to walk to the waterfall with a group of friends - after a really grey and cloudy day just the day before.

Together with AD, we organised a combined Grades 1 and 2 Walk to the Cascate Bucamante followed by lunch at Ristorante da "Zona". We were 9 ladies and 1 man. Though after the initial shyness (a few weeks back), you can feel that he's starting to enjoy being the ahem only thorn among the roses (I mean how could he be the rose and us the thorns, right?) :-)

We grouped ourselves into 3 cars and set out together from the school. Then we started walking, ground was a little slippery, but it was really so nice listening to the water from the small waterfall flowing along its course, the little insects in the forest, the women chattering away in pairs and in groups. The man had his professional gear and was busy taking pictures.

CT at work

My shoes were muddy, my ears were blocked and I was out of breath by the time we reached the waterfall - a testimony to my lack of fitness as the walk was really short and quite easy. Thank God I had water from my camrades to revive me and a lunch reservation not too far from the waterfall.

Waterfall in sight

View with the waterfall behind me

The restaurant is Italian and serves good home-made pastas, risottos, grilled meats of which they are particulatly proud of their Argentinian and Brazilian beef. Half the table ordered this Pappardelle all'anatra (Duck pasta) that was really tasty and I ended up having a go at it though I've already had a large filetto all'aceto balsamico. We were able to eat out in the terrace which made for a lovely experience. Perhaps Spring is really here now. I could finally turn off my gas heaters.

Filetto all'aceto balsamico

Ristorante da "Zona"
Via Valle Olio, 4047
41028 Valle di Serramazzoni (MO)
tel. : 0536 957190

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