vendredi, avril 09, 2010

Abalone and Asparagus

Abalone and Asparagus
This is only the beginning of the month and we have generated too many bills already, so I'm trying to lie low. No grocery shopping this week and no eating out. Besides, it's a great occasion for liquidating some of my WW3 food stock and guess what I found when digging through the cupboards...Abalone!

Mum gave me a can of abalone when I was last home and abalones are for special occasions since they are so expensive. But I couldn't think of any at the moment and I did feel like eating it, so here's my Abalone and Asparagus.

I made a sauce from the drained abalone juice in the can so as not to waste it (my brother usually eats abalone with maggi mee - think of the waste) and garnished the dish with grilled asparagus for the colour.

Basically, just slice the abalone as thinly as you can and spread it on a plate. Grill a few asparagus and stack them in the middle of the plate with the sliced abalone surrounding it. I wouldn't bother with any salt as the sauce would be naturally salty, but do sprinkle some pepper over everything.

Pour the abalone juice into a small bowl and add a bit of sugar, oyster sauce, Chinese cooking wine and cornstarch to it. Mix well.

Slice a bit of ginger and garlic thinly and fry them in a bit of sesame oil. When they are fragrant, add the abalone juice. Simmer till the sauce thickens.

Filter it through a sieve to remove the garlic and ginger. Pour the sauce over the abalone and asparagus. If you wish, you can also add some cooked crabmeat on top of the asparagus before adding the sauce.

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Sothy a dit…

Looks really great, the kind of food I could eat instead of dessert! You should submit this recipe for this contest:
It's explained almost at the end of the post, it ends tomorrow at noon, I'll try to give my recipe tonight.

Dumdad a dit…

That looks delicious! As do all your dishes on your blog. I always come away feeling hungry.

Re your question on my blog: yes, we live in 94 - Fontenay-sous-Bois which is next to Vincennes, a town we like and use alot. For a start, my children go to school there. Before that we actually lived in the 16th like you.

Bon weekend.

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Citronvert, I'll feel stupid since there wasn't much cooking involved in the dish and I couldn't even claim to have caught the abalone myself...Good luck for your entry though.

Dumdad, I guess we sometimes go through the city-"country"-city cycle. I live in a country house in the middle of a big field now. But am looking forward to retiring in our little flat in the 16th later on. Were you in the 16th north or south before?