lundi, avril 26, 2010

B for Busy

Churros with Cinnamon Sugar

Hub called asking me to buy a little dress for his colleague's baby girl as we were invited to lunch this Saturday at their place. I told him that I'd have to check my agenda. He snorted, saying how busy could I be since I do not work. I retorted that I would be very busy this week actually - with travel planning and socialising.

This afternoon, I had P and her boy over for a little tea; I regret to say that while the pair of mother and son burnt calories biking here and back, I didn't move much but consumed quite a number of churros. What possessed me to make them only God knows, I guess that I was on automatic pilot each time I have children for tea and just had to make something sweet.

Anyway, it was a lovely day and we had a lovely time catching up - though we last saw each other about a week or so ago. We were saying how wonderful it was to stay in a place where we had so much open space. It is true that most places in Asia are just filled with people, noise and smells. I know already that I would miss the peace and quiet here very much the day I leave.

Like I've told Hub, I'm busy this week. Tomorrow JW's having a coffee morning cum hand-made jewellery exhibition (move over Tupperware parties!) and Wednesday I'm doing a combined Grades 1 and 2 outing to the Waterfall followed by lunch. How will I find the time to buy a little girl's dress? At some point this week of course I'll need to do a spot of grocery shopping, but I do not have the habit of buying clothes from the supermarket. Especially if it's going to be a gift.

Thursday I hope to meet up with Margi in Bologna since I've not seen her in a long time. And I still have a few projects with the school, our Summer holidays to finalise...I wish Hub didn't leave this till the last minute like he always does and imagine that I'd drop everything at the drop of a hat like I always do.

You know that I'll go shop for that nice little dress for a nice, cute and long (parents are giants) baby girl - after I've whined a little about it. Why doesn't he think that I'm busy just because I'm not working? Do you agree that only people who are economically productive are busy? Sniff.

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