jeudi, avril 15, 2010

Steamed Prawns with Ginger, Soy, Chilli and Garlic

Steamed Prawns with Ginger, Soy, Chilli and Garlic
Hub interrupted my sleep coming home past midnight and I am a little groggy as a result. He had earlier attended the World Premiere of the new Ferrari limited edition 599 GTO, said to be the fastest ever road car to be launched. The launch was held at the prestigious Accademia Militare in Modena. I have lost count of the number of new Ferraris that they have launched since we're here. No wonder Hub is working till late almost every day.

Ferrari 599 GTO
I grilled myself a steak to boost the iron in the blood and then decided on something a little more delicate to finish : Steamed Prawns with Ginger Soy, Chilli and Garlic. It was fast and easy to make as you can see for yourself. And quite healthy if you don't go crazy on the soy sauce.

The invitation

The weather seems quite lovely today and the kids have gone on an excursion with the school to the Centro Fauna Selvatica, a centre where volunteers help injured animals recover in preparation for release into the wild. This is part of the school's coming Action Week programme. Yesterday I attended the action workshop where we explored the role of volunteering and action in the school's curriculum (and by extension in our lives) and next week there will be presentations given by both individuals from the school as well as action organisations outside the school on the theme.

This afternoon the Teenager has a session with his Feuerstein therapist while Baby Girl and I will have our music (piano and flute respectively) lessons. I know that many parents in Singapore force their children to learn music and I myself had fidgeted quite a bit as a girl learning how to play the piano pass ABRSM exams every year for nearly a decade. I told myself that I would spare my children that, but at the same time I am also grateful that I've been made to learn music because it is truly a wonderful skill and I am happy to be able to de-stress by playing a little tune on the piano or be able to pick up the flute relatively easily. The compromise I've made is therefore to make them learn music recreationally, with no exams to sit for. That their standards will suffer I am quite sure, but at least they could hope to enjoy what they are doing and not have to go through the stress that I went through preparing those few pieces for the exams every year. I know, what an enlightened mother you are, Lotus. LOL

A number of new families has arrived at the school this week and I will have to gear up for the round of activities that would allow my mums to be introduced to the rest of the class and be integrated rapidly. I have a full calendar already...and then Hub will celebrate his birthday in less than 2 weeks! If only there are more than 24 hours in a day.

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Sothy a dit…

Si jamais je mange ça , je risque de me sucer les doigts jusqu'à l'os!!!

SIG a dit…

Ok, how do you slice the prawns so nicely?? I could never do that. ;P

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

With a pair of scissors. Start from the tail.