vendredi, avril 16, 2010

Retail Therapy

My new 24-cm Le Creuset Cocotte

It was a nice morning and P and I zoomed off to Fidenza Outlet Village with the hope of buying P's first set of top quality European kitchenware.

Adrenaline pumped high and P's face turned white as I zoomed at my usual 135Km/h on the highway (just a bit above the speed limit - usually shouldn't qualify for a speeding ticket with that), and we arrived as planned for the outlet village's opening at 10am.

We headed straight out for the Le Creuset boutique where P's eye was caught by a beautiful cream 35-cm oval cocotte (lucky folks out there in Hyderabad who would soon be treated to a good biryani) which cost a small fortune. Then she turned around and saw something shiny - steamer and pot - followed by a lovely round grill (boy, I want one too!). I hope that her dear Hub was ready for the damage to his bank account, but boy, we agreed that the journey back to the car with those bags and bags of kitchenware was orgasmic and exhilarating. We felt a bit like those heroines in Sex and The City.

We also went to do some damage in the Lagostina boutique for some good-quality and well-designed Italian stainless steel kitchenware. Those shopping bags we had to bring to the car first as 2 pairs of hands were all that we had.

La céramique collection

I got some Ferrari polo shirts for the Teenager and GF Ferré swimwear for Baby Girl and managed to exchange my damaged 24-cm Le Creuset cocotte for a new one - as it was under a life-time warranty. Also bought another set of ceramic pots among other things, it being difficult to walk out of the boutique empty-handed when you were on a shopping high.

Cute, isn't it?

If the bags were not so heavy we would have swung them in our euphoria, but as it was, they were weighted. And of course we couldn't risk dropping them. But P finally understood the meaning of retail therapy and my fondness for it and it was great to have someone understand you for once.

We went to Reggio Emilia for lunch at a Chinese restaurant (P's treat) and I had a good dose of my favourite pig's blood and intestines to replenish my iron.

She should have had some of my dish as once again she lost some colour as we drove back. But I am sure that her joy this afternoon as she unpacks her spoils would make her forget all of that and I'm already trying to imagine how nicely those safran rice or curry dishes would look in her new cream cocotte.

Meanwhile I am now off to cook a Beef Curry in my new red one, it will be for tomorrow's dinner, but curry often tastes best when prepared a little in advance. I have to sweeten my own Hub for the day when our credit card bill arrives. He doesn't yet fully understand the meaning of retail therapy.

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SIG a dit…

I was just eyeing some le creuset wares! But too ex for me. I can't justify my spending so much on one. Hopefully one day. :) But i love love love those little ceramique ones so cute! Wow, sounds like some major therapy!

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Seriously it is worth investing in Le Creuset or Staub cookware if you want something serious and will usually last forever.

On last count I have a 37-cm heavy Staub oval pot, and 18, 24 and 26-cm heavy pots, tagine, crepe pan, different ceramic ware all from Le Creuset. And I very heart them!

The day I have my own kitchen, I'll invest in those French copper/cuivre kitchenware, in the meantime I can only dream...

Ju (The Little Teochew) a dit…

Oh, I am GREEN with envy!!! A Le Creuset cast-iron casserole in vermillion orange is my object of desire. But it costs a fortune, about S$600+ and up. And you have a COLLECTION of their wares in your kitchen! *faint* Lucky girl!!


PS: You have a lovely blog yourself. :)

SIG a dit…

Is it very much cheaper where you got them? At the warehouse that is? I must check that out when I next go back to Europe.

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

D, there's no warehouse shop for Le Creuset as far as I know. I usually buy in a normal shop. A 37-cm oval pot at its cheapest here in Western Europe costs more than 240 euros, for example, certes cheaper than in Singapore which is normal since it's made in France. The mini ceramic pots cost 15-20 euros each.

The outlet shop in Fidenza sells last Season's stock so the colours are not the most up to date and as such the prices are slightly lower (max -15%). But I was there mainly to exchange my pot and ended up buying a few odds and ends.

Still, it may be worth buying something when you next come to Europe - if you can carry it back.

SIG a dit…

Oh ya ok, I meant the outlet shop, but like you said, regardless, it'll still be cheaper than buying them here but Isetan does have promos now and then during their sales.