jeudi, mars 11, 2010

There is not just food for comfort

18K White Gold Ring with 0.15 ct of Diamonds and a centre Ceylon Sapphire

I woke up this morning with aches all over my shoulders and back no doubt due to yesterday's shovelling. Though feeling quite sorry for myself, I made batter for some crepes first thing when I got downstairs and started to get busy making preparations for lunch. We will not be able to go anywhere until the snow mobile team we have hired comes to clear up the snow. Otherwise once the weather gets warmer we'll get an ice-skating rink.

Then as usual, I got drawn to a private sale and found myself zapping my new credit card (finally after nearly 3 years here I have my own Italian credit card) for a new ring. I was telling P yesterday that I am buying simpler rings with smaller stones nowadays so that I may wear them all the time. The big cocktail rings are beautiful, but I tend to just keep them in the bank vault and not wear them.

This morning's purchase (after hesitating over one with cognac diamonds) is a simple 2.85g 18K white gold ring with 0.15 carats of diamonds and a small centre Ceylon Sapphire. I am feeling much better already.

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