dimanche, mars 28, 2010

A Leisurely Sunday

Baby Boy Golfer

Hub and the kids woke up early this morning (even with the time change) to catch the Australian F1 Grand Prix. They were really pleased that Ferrari did well again, keeping our hopes up that this Season would be better than the last one.

Baby Girl (more hesitant) Golfer

Then they went off to play golf since it's so sunny and warm today and I was told that my precious Baby Boy is really good at it even though he only had 2 lessons. Like his dad, he's good with ball games and is taking to golf like a baby Pro. He's really pleased with himself and with the wonderful bag of golf clubs that I got him from Top Flite.

Grilled Scampi Tails and Gambas

Threw together a simple lunch from a few leftovers and fresh produce : Grilled Dumplings (guotie), Prawn Noodle Soup, Grilled Gambas and Scampi Tails, fresh Charentais melons, tomato mozzarella, Spaghetti aglio olio...

Grilled Dumplings (Guotie)

I've been very busy planning holidays again as my MIL just confirmed that she would be visiting for a month starting from mid-June. I'm going to bring her and the kids around as Hub would be working. Then I would like to go away for 2-3 days just me and the Teenager. I think that like with the spouse, it's good to spend time with one kid at a time from time to time when you have 3 like me. So we'll start with the eldest and work our way down to the Babies. I've already booked our air tickets and will try to find a hotel in the next few days.

3 commentaires:

Dumdad a dit…

The future Tiger Woods? (Not the bad stuff, of course!)

That "simple" lunch looked great.

P.S. Your husband's explanation of "un coup de Trafalgar" was interesting. Certainly, Nelson took the French and Spanish by surprise but my French wife says it means “an underhand trick.” Whatever!

SIG a dit…

That's a wonderful thing to do with S. I went on a trip just me n the princess two years' ago and we had a great time and best of all we had the company of grandpa who drove us around and paid for accomm and most meals lol. We went to Perth to visit my sis and it was great just spending time together the four of us. :)

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Dumdad, I would listen to your wife. My Hub's an Engineer after all...:-)

D, we'll still need the Hub to pay for the meals and all, but we'll try to have a bit of quality mother and son time together. Boy lost his only Prince position when he was 6 and he grudges his siblings quite a bit for that since.