mercredi, mars 03, 2010

Jurassic Park chez Moi

Rocket control (Girl is red and Boy is blue)

I didn't get past the first few minutes of the various Jurassic Park movies. Couldn't stomach the scenes where endless numbers of humans get chewed by the dinosaurs. No matter what you do, you can't get past them. Even the Chinese Vampire movies of my youth gave you a chance e.g. stop breathing and moving and the vampires will miss you. I used to practise holding my breath in the toilet or when I was trying to fall asleep at night, but had to give up since apnee's not my thing. But the Babies love them. The dinosaur movies, I mean.

Surprisingly, they didn't seem to get any nightmares from watching Jurassic Park. And the movies seemed to have inspired them into major drawing sessions on their Ikea whiteboard. They drew all kinds of dinosaurs together and created stories with them. From time to time they would tell me that this dinosaur is kind and the other one is not. Then, they started to draw the interior of a rocket in which they would travel to visit dinosaurs.

One could make out steering wheels, a teapot, eggs, ammunition, guns, a puppy...They spent a long time discussing what their rocket (and the functions on the steering wheel) could do and then went off on an adventure where they saw dinosaurs, fought with some of them etc. And different adventures would see them removing or adding on functions on their whiteboard.

From there, they moved on to role-playing. I saw the 2 of them rolling on the floor. Didn't want to interrupt their play by asking, but at least one of them was a baby dinosaur. And Baby Boy also created his own weapon from rolled-up paper, part of a plastic ninja thing, his golf club and one of my canes.

I know that I should be making them do some homework, but I also think that it's wonderful for them to be playing so well together (if they are not at each other's throats). Chances are that they would grow apart as they grow older. I am happy to see them playing together now.

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Chick a dit…

Looking at their sketch, the babies have potential to join the advertising world! So fun!!

Beau Lotus a dit…

You know how to make the Mother Hen happy :-).