lundi, mars 01, 2010

The Beauty of My Blog

Do you know what the beauty of my blog is?

No, not the lousy photos.

Nor the hastily written posts about food, visits or shopping.

My blog is beautiful because I let you say what you want in my comments section and unless you're peddling sex or drugs or are babbling about something totally irrelevant, I do not censor. If I disagree with you, and vice versa - we debate.

Is it not funny that you offer the right of reply to others, but they hide under their moderating weapon/tool and refuse to let you exercise this right?

And these people outwardly brandish the freedom of speech banner - but do not really have the courage to live with it. Or they go for the freedom of speech bit - as long as nobody can judge for himself the replies and counter-arguments that could have been.

Then they wonder why the others latch on to the hypocrisy of their country(men) and touted lofty beliefs and ideals. Why we wonder why they always seem to make a fuss over everything and yet nothing? Why they ignore the obvious and keep whinging about the irrelevant. Why they put words into your mouth and expect you to accept the illusion that they have created for themselves and for everyone else? I understand that one has the literary license to use hyperboles (aka exaggeration) to make one's stories sound funny and interesting, to make mundane things seem larger than life - but when you start putting words into someone's mouth...

Why whether they are left or right, liberal or conservative, educated or not, managed at the last minute to cram in 50 visits in a year or have never left their hometown - at the end of the day, it doesn't take much to reveal how gauche they are?

Why when you treat them with sincerity, they drug themselves with their own insecurities and try to pass them off as bravado. Throw your goodwill in your face? And then be proud that they couldn't look at others in the eye?

Ah, I hate injustice and especially la mauvaise foi...

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Dutchess a dit…

Wow, where is this coming from? I can feel the ammunition all the way from here.

I have the comment moderation on because of unwanted ads and spam.

Muriel a dit…

My blog is private so no liberty of speech. I have seen genuine people being bullied on their blog/forum etc... It scares me to death.
I'd rather avoid bullies. I had my share in the past. They stain you with their false accusations and pettiness.

Pour vivre heureux, vivons cacher!

It took me many years to understand this proverb. But now I am less open and welcoming as I used to be and more cagey. Not enough at time. Plus I have learnt that being nice to everybody does not pay.
Some people just enjoy hurting others, I avoid them.

Following my second proverb:
Qui s'assemble, se ressemble.
If I do not like somebody I hardly connect with them.

My life has been much healthier. If soembody I do not like attack me, I have become quite straighforward, I confront them. Bullies are cowards.

SIG a dit…

Who stepped on your tail now???!!!

Pris a dit…

What happened?

I enabled comment moderation because of my Dad!!! Hahhaha. He always signed as "anonymous" and sometimes left not-very-nice comments.

Beau Lotus a dit…

J, D, P, I've replied to you on the subject on your emails. Thanks for the support.

Mu, I've indeed been told so many times that I should watch what I say and keep things to myself. But if I share anything, I share about myself, not about other people. I do not like to keep things in me, I am happier when I let them go.

I know that I risk being hurt, being harmed by people who take advantage of what I say or reveal for their own evil reasons. But they have to be responsible for their own actions, I take care of mine.

Birds of the feather do indeed flock together. And incidents that we sometimes have help us see more clearly who are the birds with whom we can flock together. So nothing is lost. Phoenixes can rise from the ashes.

What I find funny from that blog is that the person who tried to bully got her bluff called and now she tries to look like the victim.

petite fleur a dit…

Hope everything is well.

When we blog, we share so much about ourselves which makes us vulnerable. There are many out there who take advantage of that.

For what it's worth, I've always enjoyed your candor & sense of humour & may it remain that way.