vendredi, mars 19, 2010

Shadow of Spring

Inside the tennis court

Went to pick the Babies up from their tennis lesson last Wednesday around 6pm and was greeted by this : trees outside the tennis court seen through the canvas roof because of the sun...

I thought that it was beautiful. Like wayang kulit...

This afternoon the school finished a week's breakdancing lessons with Ewen Hutchison (19 year-old from Scotland) with a whole-school jam session. This was to brighten up the kids after a cold and grey winter and give everyone something to do together. Parents were invited to the jam so I was there.

The kids were allowed to go to school in their own clothes today and Baby Boy prepared his last night before he went to bed. They all seemed really excited about this. Some of the other children even turned up with caps, grunge clothing etc to resemble street kids.

The jam session was a success. Every grade came out to breakdance (including the teachers and principal!), there was a group dance and then all the children formed a circle and individuals, couples and groups took turns to come out into the middle of the circle to perform.

You know that I haven't had an IBO education because if I hadn't studied a subject for 10 years and taken an exam every 6 months (and passed it well) you wouldn't see me perform anything. But after 5 days of breakdancing instruction (during P.E., music and after school), many of those kids were capable of quickly improvising on what they've learnt and coming out with a number in front of everyone...even the 3 year-olds!

I think they had a great time so that's PTA money well-spent. The good thing about the IBO curriculum is that there is always room for flexibility and fun in learning. Last evening, the Teenager and myself were freaking out over some technicality in French grammar (CNED Français du 4ème) and not even Hub is capable of providing the answer. I pointed out to him that that was pointless suffering because who in the world would remember the technical term for the use of the present tense in a récit du passé (narration of the past) after this? We just need to understand why this is done and surely there must be a less painful method to do so. The CNED (French distance learning) is my yoke at the moment, but we have to keep the Teenager at his French or he'll lose it altogether. French is not an easy language.

Skiing has to be cancelled for Sunday as they have predicted rain everyday starting tonight. We have been invited to lunch instead at the B's. Tomorrow will be busy, starting with a birthday party followed by golf lessons for the Babies - if it doesn't rain too heavily.

So I marvel at the beauty of good weather when I have it.

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