lundi, mars 01, 2010

Hub's Lamb Korma

Hub's Lamb Korma

Hub used to cook alot when we first met, but as he advanced in his career and I ended up leaving mine behind, he naturally left most of the cooking to me. However, once in a while, he loves to roll up his sleeves and cook us something and last evening was one of those occasions.

He went to the mall on Saturday to buy a new mouse for his iMac and ended up buying a 50-inch plasma TV as we know. He also went to the supermarket to shop for food (though he hates doing so) because he had decided that he wanted to cook us a Lamb Korma. Following a recipe from his beloved Mathur Jaffrey.

It was a big mess in the kitchen after that as my dear Hub is a man of generous gestures. And he was "tired" once he had the curry simmering away on the stove and left me to do the rice and curry vegetables. While he went off to watch Indiana Jones on his new plasma.

The curry was excellent, the meat very tender and the sauce very rich and flavourful. A little dry though as he left it simmering for hours and I didn't know whether it was done on purpose or not. Thank God I finally decided to turn off the heat when I did. One thing I'll never be able to figure out is how he could just go off and do something else when he's cooking.

Hub's off to Geneva today. To the Salon Auto de Genève 2010. DC's going to be there too, so they're very excited about meeting up again. I'm just going to eat leftover lamb korma this evening and maybe watch something Asian on TV now that the competition's gone and I'll be boss for the evening.

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