dimanche, février 28, 2010

Hotel Firenze, Fanano, Italy

Hotel Firenze's Restaurant and Pub

We went to Fanano in Cimone for a family ice skating day organised by the PTA. Now, I didn't skate as usual since I do not know how to and have no intention of finding out if I could. But the rest of the family did and Baby Boy especially was amazing as this was the 2nd or 3rd time that he has been to an ice-skating rink and he skated like he has done it all his life. This led, naturally, to comments like, "He doesn't take after you..." True, and good for him. That he's more like his father.

We had a good brunch before we left for the rink, but decided to have a late lunch after the skating so as to be able to spend some time with the B's. Hub has become very friendly with MB's Hub who's the President and CEO of EVO Bus Italy and we like to meet up with them as a family whenever we have the opportunity to do so. RB's cool, interesting and well-travelled - very much a guy after our own heart.

At the entrance

Problem though was that it wasn't easy trying to grab a bite at 3 in the afternoon. We asked around with no luck and finally fell upon this restaurant in the main square of Fanano. It was closed, but I decided to knock on the door (it was locked) and try my luck. They opened up and agreed to serve us if we only order pizza. Perfect.

The baby grand

We loved the place. It's a pizzeria, restaurant, enoteca, museum and pub that is also part of a hotel with spa. The dining hall is so cosy, filled with pots, furniture, porcelain, old typewriters, a baby grand piano, guitars, photos, paintings, wine bottles, bref, all kinds of bric à brac. In fact, it's like a brocante. One that probably does little doposci concerts. They even have a playpen and toys - because the owner often has grandchildren who come and play!

We all had pizzas, the adults shared a bottle of red wine and the men had a grappa each after the meal. The pizzas were good - which made us say that we would love to reserve our meal there next year if we should return to ice skate. And the hotel looked nice too - probably a good place to spend a night or 2 in when you ski at Cimone in winter or trek in the mountains during summer.

My pizza bufala

Hotel Firenze
Via Roma, 29/33
41021 Fanano (MO)
Tel : 0536 68822

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