vendredi, février 12, 2010

Risotto ai Moscardini (White Octopus Risotto)

Risotto ai Moscardini

I was lucky it snowed yesterday but not so much that I wouldn't be able to go anywhere today. I had to drive to Formigine to buy the most edible baguette in Modena and then to Esselunga to buy some ham - for tomorrow's trip to Sestriere. We're going to stay at Club Med and ski where they had held the alpine skiing events in the 2006 Winter Olympics.

This is very last minute no thanks to the Hub. Other wives could plan their vacations months ahead but never me. Everyone I know is going to ski in the Dolomites this week, but I think we've left it too late to manage any decent booking there. To make things worse, our friend doesn't have leave. So it'll just have to be a ski weekend. And a very expensive one.

My comfort is that we'll be together as a family tomorrow evening. This is important because the Chinese have to eat together on the eve of the Chinese New Year (which falls on Sunday, 14th of February this year) to symbolise that we will be united and always together in the new year. And I wouldn't need to clean, chop and cook on the day itself - which would normally bring bad luck.


At the supermarket, they were selling Moscardino or White Octopus. I have never bought any before and was curious about it - so voilà today's lunch : Risotto al Moscardino.

It tasted like a cross between the octopus and the squid.

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petite fleur a dit…

I'm loving the photos on your blog. Did you get a new camera ? oops or Should I say that you've improved your photography skills ?

Beau Lotus a dit…

Er...actually I'm still using my old Sony automatic that is not working well now - switches off on its own more and more often.

But I've just discovered about a few months ago that I could manually choose ISO 400 and that it helps me take brighter pictures in my dark house!

Otherwise, my pictures suck as usual, I never bother with composition as such. It's shoot and eat.