jeudi, février 04, 2010

Soy Bean Milk Jelly

Soy Bean Milk Jelly

I love soy bean milk. Especially when it's freshly made. 2 weeks ago, I saw the little Chinese shop here selling Yeo's sweetened soy bean milk in 1-litre packets for the first time. This gave me the courage to do something with the soy bean milk other than just drink it. When it's not easily available, you tend to hoard it.

I don't think one'll get fantastic results for soy bean flower curd (touhua) with packet soy milk, but there's no reason why it wouldn't do well with agar agar. So I compromised (is life not full of them) with some Soy Bean Milk Jelly for dessert. Very nice - after a dinner of Turmeric Roast Chicken (didn't take any pictures as we ate it up quickly, they couldn't wait).

Soy Bean Milk Jelly :

1 litre Yeo's sweetened Soy Bean Milk
6 Tbsp Sugar
7-10g powdered Agar agar (depending on how firm you like it)
1-2 Pandan leaves (knotted)

Combine everything (except the agar agar) into a pot and heat it on low-medium heat till the sugar dissolves. When the soy bean milk starts to smell of the pandan leaves, add the agar agar and stir well to dissolve it.

Bring the milk to a boil and once it starts to bubble, turn off the heat. Pour into moulds and leave them aside to cool. Chill them in the fridge for a few hours.

They taste like the soy bean milk - in jellified form. It's refreshing and will probably go well with fresh fruit. But give me touhua anytime.

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edith a dit…

Interesting. Is it soft like almond tofu jelly?

Beau Lotus a dit…

It probably can be if you use less agar agar. I made a firm one.