mercredi, février 24, 2010

Egg Tarts on a Thought

Egg Tarts
More than 2 years ago, I blogged (on my birthday), about one of my favourite egg tarts. Funny how it should be one of those things that you make very often for a while, got sick of and then forget all about for weeks, months and years on end.

As you know, I was working this morning on my menu for next week's lunch. Besides being limited by the spoilt gas stove, I am also a little stressed as one of my guests is a Brazilian father who is also a professional chef. What do you feed a chef?

But having thought of him, I also thought, for some reason, of Portuguese Egg Tarts. And chez Lotus, thought often translates itself to action (except when it comes to housework or exercising) and I found myself taking out eggs, milk, cream and puff pastry from the fridge and turning on the oven. Just as well that plans for lunch (buffet) with ES fell through no thanks to UPS who was supposed to come pick up a parcel (and never did finally). I have bought a few things recently including a Miu Miu skirt, Fendi bag, D&G bra and wallet on the Internet and have decided to return the bag and wallet as they looked too gaudy Italian. Besides, I am hoping to do a bit of travelling come Spring and need the funds. Money is one of those scarce resources they talk about as we know.

And I'm still pushing 70 Kgs which is alot for a short girl like me. Last evening I made burgers, fries, the total for the family so we've already been piling on the calories. But everybody loved their dinner (Piemontese beef!) so it was quite worth it. It'd have to be soup for the rest of the week if we were to recover from this binge.

7 commentaires:

Pete a dit…

Mmm, interesting question, what to feed a chef....never thought of that! LOL!

Pris a dit…

You´re feeding a chef?!??! WOW! You go girl! I would invite myself to the chef´s place for a meal! hahhaha.

Beau Lotus a dit…

Ahem, that's what I hope would come next..:-)

Pris a dit…

I would cook something that the chef doesn´t know how to something typically SIngaporean....chicken rice?? hahah.

Beau Lotus a dit…

Yeap, I'm going to do Asian and French - since he's Brazilian.

edith a dit…

oh these looks awesome. yum yum. send some over. I haven't dare to venture into egg tart, perhaps when you next in town, you can teach me. (drooling)

Beau Lotus a dit…

Edith, you joke too well.

Mine as usual are very rustic, minimum effort kind.

On your own you'll do much better -and I can learn from you how to do it better then. :-)