jeudi, février 18, 2010

Transforming more Leftovers

Baked Milk and White Chocolate Buns

I went out into the garden to leave some leftovers for the neighbour's dogs and discovered that the soil in all my pots had been dug out and thrown around on the ground. This upset my intentions of starting to plant again come Spring. I am reminded of the beasts living in the vast fields surrounding my lone house. What were they looking for in the pots?

Would you be afraid if you live in my house? I have seen a family of at least 3 deers moving just metres from the house; I know that loads of wild hares hang out in my garden; at least 5 or 6 pheasants like to stay in my driveway, not to forget grouse (Hub said they are good to eat). I also have lots of pigeons, the woodpeckers visit at 6 every morning and the late gardien had mentioned seeing a fox once. Then there are the dogs, cats (I always hear mewing outside at night), scorpions, grasshoppers and big predator birds.

But I've always felt safe here. I find strength and comfort in my isolation. I will miss this big old house the day we leave. And I do not think that we'll find anything as big elsewhere.

Baked Sausage Buns

Soto Ayam (Turmeric Chicken Soup)

Anyway, speaking of leftovers, I had some left from the mantou and marmite roast chicken session. Before giving the chicken carcass to the beasts, I decided to make a Soto Ayam out of it as there was still alot of meat left. And the mantou dough when left out a few hours longer, continued to grow and grow and I managed to make a few Baked Milk and White Chocolate Buns and Baked Sausage Buns out of it! It's really nice not wasting food.

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