mardi, février 02, 2010

Grilled Salmon on Black Rice Clam Risotto

Black Rice Clam Risotto

The Teenager was doing some research in the Net this evening on national anthems (e.g. French and Singaporean) and when he played a recording of the Majullah Singapura, I actually started having frissons and felt like crying. It is amazing how after all these years, the National Anthem could still do this to me. You can imagine how deep political socialisation has gone into me after 21 years in Singapore.

I now shop for food once a week. Yes, I'm cutting down on shopping whether for food or for other things. The economic crisis has thus far not affected us, but still, there's no point being complacent. Move around less = consume less petrol too. Besides, I'll look good for a new diamond soon if I spend less now.

Tuesday is more or less the designated supermarket day. The first day in the week we have fresh produce. So this evening I made Grilled Salmon on Black Rice Clam Risotto.

If you have never eaten healthy black rice, do give it a try, cooked properly, it can be delicious. It has a certain smell, nutty taste and bite that I like very much. Riso venere is Italian-grown black rice that originated from China. I have made a really quick version of a seafood risotto by using ready-made fish broth and a jar of clams. Top it with grilled salmon that has been marinated beforehand and it's a meal!

Grilled Salmon on Black Rice Clam Risotto

Grilled Salmon on Black Rice Risotto :

The Salmon :

3 thick Salmon filets/steaks
1 Tsp Kecap manis
1 Tsp Soy sauce
1 Tsp Teriyaki sauce
1 Tbsp White wine
Juice from half a lemon

The Risotto :

300g Wholegrain Black Rice/Riso Venere Integrale (this time I used pre-cooked)
2 Tbsp Olive Oil
1 Tbsp Butter
1-2 Garlic cloves
1 Onion (optional)
A handful of chopped Parsley
300ml Fish broth (more if rice is not pre-steamed)
1 jar Clams
60ml White wine
2 Tbsp concentrated Tomato paste
Salt to taste (much less if using ready-made broth)

Marinate the salmon with the sauces, wine and lemon juice. Set aside for at least an hour.

Heat up the fish broth. If making your own, choose flavourful white fish (e.g. John Dory) that has bones and firm flesh. Simmer with carrots, celery, bay leaves and onions till the fish is cooked, then remove the fish and pick out the flesh (can be eaten with the risotto). Return the carcass to the broth and simmer till you're ready to use it. If using fresh clams, add them in with the fish and remove them when they open up. Reserve the flesh for the risotto.

Heat the olive oil and butter in a non-stick pan and fry the garlic till fragrant. Add half the chopped parsley followed by the black rice. Stir to mix well.

Pour in the jar of clams including the juice and add the white wine. Mix everything well. Stir in the tomato paste.

Now start to ladle the (hot) fish broth onto the rice, letting the rice absorb it as it gets cooked. When the rice is almost al dente (actually black rice will have a chewy exterior), ladle in more broth and then turn off the heat and let the rice absorb the last of the broth this way. I like my risotto al dente but wet.

Grill the marinated salmon steaks on a hot grill skin side first. Then turn over and grill on the other side. The flesh should still be pink on the inside. Serve on top of the risotto with a wedge of lemon and more fresh parsley.

6 commentaires:

edith a dit…

Eye opener. Black rice. Is black rice the same as our pulut hitam? how is the texture?

dining room tables a dit…

I am intrigued over the black rice! I would like to have a taste of it.

Beau Lotus a dit…

It's called riso venere and it's wholegrain. I do not think that it's like our black glutinous rice as it's thicker, firmer and rounder.

However, it gives out starch like arborio rice which is the quality sought for making risotto.

It's chewy with good bite and I only know this texture as I cooked it al dente. Maybe I should try making pulut hitam with it and see how it turns out.

Anyway it's really tasty, Hub ate all of it and said it was good. Goes really well with the seafood broth and the chewy clams.

bellatigre a dit…

Brava! This looks and sounds really good, am going to have to get some riso venere from Eataly. have always seen them there but never tried them.

Beau Lotus a dit…

E, get that brodo cube (brodo di pesce antichi sapori) that you always find in the cold section of most Italian supermarkets. And I used peeled vongole/venus clams.

SIG a dit…

Wow lovely, very healthy dish.