mardi, février 02, 2010

Bandung (Rose-flavoured) Sticky Rice Cake

Bandung Sticky Rice Cake

You may wonder why I'm showing you this ugly lump of a cake. There's that perverse bit about me, of course. But mainly I want to remember it.

I had leftover glutinous rice and coconut milk. I thought about what I could do with this and decided to make a sticky rice cake. The idea was to make a 2-layer rice cake : a bottom layer of glutinous rice soaked in sweetened coconut milk and a pinch of salt; and a top layer made of tapioca flour, plain flour, sugar and coconut milk. One can also use roots like yam or sweet potatoes, or leaves like pandanus to give it taste and colour.

I made this top layer with rose syrup. I was thinking once again of the bandung drink. And of course it's also because I do not have yam or sweet potatoes right now. Then my biggest problem is the lack of a suitable container for steaming this. Ideally it should be square, rather deep and should fit my wok. I made do with a tiny pyrex dish and made the added mistake of trying to fit too much into it.

But the thing is that it wasn't pretty at all, but the Bandung Sticky Rice Cake turned out to be quite nice taste-wise. If it could go in my stomach it could go on my blog.

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SIG a dit…

Haha I like that - if it can go in my stomach it can go in my blog. I love how you always come up with all these fusion dishes.

Beau Lotus a dit…

Out of desperation, haha.