jeudi, février 18, 2010

Beef and Asparagus Summer Rolls

Beef and Asparagus Summer Rolls

I'm back into asparagus right now. And instead of using my awesome beef controfileto to make a steak, I cooked some Beef with Asparagus. And then rolled it up in rice paper with carrots, cucumber, red peppers and rice vermicelli - to make Beef and Asparagus Summer Rolls. Served them with a Nuoc Cham dip, of course. This is one way to avoid eating the beef with loads of white rice.

Wok to Rice Paper

The Babies vomitted all night. No, they didn't eat the rolls. Didn't feel well before dinner and so they skipped it. I suspect that it could be due to them playing with the dirty water in the Chinese restaurant's aquarium yesterday afternoon. We had lunch with the new French mom and her 2 kids and the younger ones were picking coins out of the water and putting things into their mouths. As part of my Class Rep job, I like to bring new families to try out different Chinese-owned restaurants to show them what they could order that would make eating in these mediocre places a little more pleasant. We got on really well, and had a great time. Ended the afternoon with gelato at K2.

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