samedi, février 06, 2010

Rosewater Doughnuts with Sweet Yoghurt

Rosewater Doughnuts

Just got news that the cookery class tomorrow is cancelled. Power problem. Welcome to Italy.

Since I do not have to plan for my class, I decided to make a few Rosewater Doughnuts for the family's afternoon tea break. Mom gave me an old cookbook of hers titled "Easy Curry Cookery" and I've only started to read it yesterday. Found an easy recipe for this doughnut that I thought I could try out. I have as usual made a few changes.

Rosewater Doughnuts (20 small ones) :

250g Self-raising Flour
50g ground Almonds
45g Ghee (melted - I used butter)
40ml plain Yoghurt
40ml warm Water
1 Tsp Rosewater
ghee or strutto (for deepfrying)
Castor Sugar

Sweet yoghurt (optional) :

1/2 cup plain Yoghurt
1/2 Tsp rosewater
2 Tsp Icing Sugar

Combine sifted flour and almonds in a large bowl and rub in the melted ghee.

Stir in combined yoghurt, water and rosewater and mix to a soft dough.

Knead the dough on a lightly floured surface until it's smooth.

Roll out the dough and cut with a doughnut cutter. Deep-fry the doughnuts in hot ghee or strutto, a few at a time, till golden brown.

Remove from the oil, drain on kitchen towels.

Toss the hot doughnuts in castor sugar and serve with the sweet yoghurt (optional).

I should have made more (I halved the original recipe) as they consumed faster than I could supply.

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