vendredi, mars 19, 2010

Private Sales

Leather Pochette from Moschino

As you know, I only just got my Italian credit card recently and I am eager to find out if it's working. Not that I shopped any less before, but I often had to "borrow" Hub's card and it can be quite inconvenient (especially if you were trying to hide the purchases).

This morning, I zapped the card in a total of 5 private sales. Am glad to say that 5 times out of 5 the card worked. Now I just need to find out when the money will be debited and try to use up more of my WW3 food stock for a few weeks nearer the time.

18kt Pearl earrings from Bliss

Got a new leather pochette from Moschino (realised that I didn't have a suitable bag for formal dinners), performance ski wear from Dainese for the boys (including a replica of ski champion Axel Svindal's helmet), big grandmotherly pearl earrings from Bliss, sports sandals for the boys from Teva, a red linen top and bottom from my favourite Spanish designer Adolfo Dominguez and swimwear from Triumph. Actually I have tonnes of new swimwear - but each year I grow fatter and can never fit into any of them. Since I don't think I'll manage to lose any weight before summer, I've decided to buy something bigger.

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Anonyme a dit…

Is your private sales from an Italian site?

Beau Lotus a dit…

They are mainly from Italian, French and UK sites.