vendredi, mars 05, 2010

Swiss Chocolatier Läderach

Excellent Swiss Chocolates

Hub went to the Geneva Motor Show and stayed at a hotel whose room (for 1 night) cost as much as the monthly salary of half of France's working population. The mind boggles and it made me wish I had stuck to my childhood fantasy of doing Hotel Management instead of my adolescent one for Political Science. Only to discover later on that I much prefer hotels to politics.

Anyway, the good thing was that he came home with complimentary chocolates offered by the hotel. I've never heard of Confiseur Läderach, but one bite into my share of the dark chocolate with hazelnuts and I understood why the Swiss made fortune on chocolates.

The balance between bitter and sweet was perfect, the size of the caramelised hazelnuts just right and the sensation was pure bliss. I could make this comparison because just earlier in the evening I had finished a packet of a similar chocolate from Lindt. And I thought that Lindt was already very good.

One can get used to good things too easily. As it is, I will never be able to eat bad pizza, soggy pasta, lousy gelato or drink weak coffee ever again. And I suspect that it'll go the same way for chocolate. Only the best for Lotus. It's her karma and she will gladly embrace it.

It is unfortunate for her that the chocolate should appear when she should be going on a diet. And fortunate that the children are not too fond of dark chocolate and that she wouldn't need to sacrifice herself.

Hub's off to Munich today, but will not be staying at any nice hotel (where they could give away chocolates). He's with the boss on the company's private jet and they like to come and go within the day. I will have to ration this chocolate and hope to make it last at least for 2 days. Maybe only eat it with a special edition Nespresso café...

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edith a dit…

ohhhhhh....... beware! someone is going to pinch your chocolate!

SAX 155 a dit…

Just discovered this Korea of all places. And after living for a seven years in Belgium, a decade in France and even a year in Switzerland, I thought I was on solid ground when I affirmed that Pierre Marcolini made the best chocolates in the world.

After sampling the Laderach fresh chocolates collection however, I must admit that the Belgian maestro is henceforth relegated to number two in my book. Even Marcolini's exquisite "Escargots" for which I would (and have) skipped a rent payment to afford have now been surpassed in my desire for a slab of the Laderach fresh Honey Milk.