vendredi, mars 12, 2010

Sacchettini al Radicchio

Sacchettini al Radicchio con salsa al pomodoro, funghi, aglio e prezzemolo

Radicchio is Italian chicory, usually grown in the Veneto region. It's one of Hub's favourite leaves for salads and the winter ones are particularly pretty, often looking like flowers. I was wondering what it was doing in a ravioli and therefore bought it to try.

Cooked a portion with olive oil, garlic, Thai chilli, champignons de Paris, parsley, cherry tomatoes, white wine and tomato paste. It turned out really well, though I couldn't really taste the radicchio in the pasta parcels. They seemed to have more ricotta than radicchio.

They will probably taste very good too in a creamy sauce like just butter and sage or with bacon and cream.

The weather is relatively warm today. Though you can still see cars surrounded by and covered with snow in parkings or by the road here and there. I'm really glad that I had thought to invest in a big shovel last year and in a serious scraper made-in-Canada this year.

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