mercredi, mars 10, 2010

Snowed In

Snowed in

Hub probably wouldn't laugh if he hears about a snow mobile today. He may even wish he had one. School is closed - today and tomorrow - because of historic levels of heavy snow. My flute teacher said that they hadn't seen snow like that in Modena (except once when he was a Teenager) since his grandma's time. I found myself as such with 3 kids on a day when I've been invited to a delicious lunch at P's. Luckily P is a brave lady and she kindly invited my monsters children to come along as well. Which was really sweet as they do so love chicken curry.

My bedroom window when I woke up

View from the Teenager's room

Problem was that we were snowed in. Knee-high snow everywhere from the house to the gate and beyond. Hub said that we should stay at home while he gets a colleague to pick him up from the road (if he climbs over the gate) and drive him to the office. But how could I not go to P and her chicken curry?

The arcade

So I insisted that we remove the snow with the only spade we have and Hub was kind enough to indulge me, though he grumbled and scolded me every few metres along the way. And it was a long way.

The garden

It took us more than 2 hours to remove enough snow to get the gate to open and to get the car out. On the way back, I left my car at the petrol station opposite the house and we walked back home through the snow. No way I'd risk driving home, it's almost sure we'll get stuck in the snow.

Shovel, shovel and shovel

Maranello was surreal this morning. Snow everywhere and cars all snowed in in the streets. I almost couldn't find any place to park the car.

The reward : Dosa, Chicken Curry and Potato Masala

Much as I was happy to see P (and taste her food again), I went to her place with a heavy heart knowing that soon, she would return to India and I would have to say goodbye to another friend. Though of course you never know what the future would bring, I can only hope that we would have an opportunity to meet up again someday.

You may remember P's dosas and chicken curry. I couldn't let her leave without tasting them again. Though she may have other dishes to share with me - but before she could tell me about them, I've asked for the former.

The best Dosa

They were even better than I remembered them. I am glad that the kids got to try them too - because I doubt if I'll be able to produce the same results because I lack her special touch. Boy, did I stuff myself with dosas, chicken curry and jeera rice. And even took some home for Hub. Lucky guy. He absolutely loved the curry.

Excellent, very hot and spicy Chicken Curry

In the afternoon, we were invited to CB's house for tea. An example of the cycle of departures and arrivals - she has just arrived in Modena and has taken over ES's lovely house. I took the opportunity to say hello to her neighbour who is also a friend of mine (and whose children are friends of the Teenager) and to leave the boy there to reunite with his former schoolmates. I had coffee there before I moved on to my tea next door - and would have ended up with a glass of wine on my way out if I hadn't been afraid of being scolded by Hub for driving home after dark.

CB makes very nice chocolate chip cupcakes. I was amazed at how I was able to eat at least 3 or 4 of them after all that I've eaten at lunch. That stomach of mine seems to be bottomless. She's better at desserts than I am, so maybe we could work on the common goal of making macarons together someday soon. MIL will be here for a month this Summer and she wants to eat macarons.

Just outside our gate

Voilà, isn't it amazing how I managed to invite myself for lunch, tea and coffee everywhere in a day when I was supposed to be snowed in? Do not underestimate the power of shovelling your way to a chicken curry.

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Muriel a dit…

Sylvain is a Saint! You made him shovel snow over half a kilometre !!! Poor man what a patience he has!

Beau Lotus a dit…

Excuse me, I took the pictures so you didn't see me shovelling! I did half of the distance and more since he was trying to take short-cuts and use the car instead, getting stuck more often than advancing.

Chick a dit…

Oooh... chicken curry and snow. It's the purrfect comfort food! I've a special request... can you blog your chicken curry recipe? I can never get the taste right and it's always so liquidity! Then again, I can't really cook except for instant noodles. :(

Beau Lotus a dit…

Hey Chick, it's morbid you wanting to eat chicken when you're a chick :-)

P's Chicken Curry has been blogged about already. Just click on the light blue link somewhere in my post where I mentioned "P's Dosa and Chicken Curry".

sohcool a dit…

Love your ending paragragh.
Tu es trop forte!

Misa a dit…

You are lucky, if i got invited for coffee or tea once a wk , I considered myself truly lucky. Hey yr cascina looks great , we only have 50 meters of road to shovel,, and that is too much already for me...

Beau Lotus a dit…

Sohcool, merci, merci :-)

Misa, we have too busy a social life here because of the school. I've at least 2 lunches lined up next week, one dinner this weekend and a dance event at school in the week as well. It's crazy...

Eh, your rumah is so big how come only 50m to shovel?

Chick a dit…

The Chick obviously hasn't got good eyesight! Thanks for pointing that out the recipe. I shall find my victim(s) over the weekend to try out the dish! :)

Wendy a dit…

Wow that was so much snow! You can make so much ice-kachang from all these snow lying around. Very brave of you to come out for curry even though there was so much snow! XXX

Beau Lotus a dit…

Chick, please let me know how it turns out!

Wendy, you know me, I'm always motivated by something yummy.