mardi, mai 18, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Lunch 2010

The savoury spread

I was cooking my chicken curry last evening for today's Teacher Appreciation Day Lunch and the Teenager walked by.

T : Is that curry for the teachers tomorrow?

M : Yeap.

T : They don't deserve it.

He flipped his fringe and sashayed away. I wonder if he had been waiting for a chance to say that or if it had come out just like that, in any case I thought that was quite funny.

Caramel Prawns

I finished cooking the rest of my contributions this morning : Caramel Prawns and Agedashi Tofu and was as usual late for the event though they were easy to make. Have spent too much time trying to replant my cactus. Nat and Margi came over from Bologna yesterday and the latter had mentioned at some point that one could replant cactuses.

Danish Salmon with potatoes and 3 sauces

There was quite a bit of food today and the variety was lovely e.g. samoussas, zucchini frittata, spicy paniyaram, ham and mushroom quiche, ham sandwiches, Lebanese chickpea dip, Danish smoked salmon, Paratha, vegetable biryani, chicken biryani, Thai vegetable curry, Thai prawn salad, roast beef, boeuf bourguignon, chicken and vegetable pilaf, erdbeer kuchen, apple crumble, banana cake, passion fruit and banana cake, chocolate crunchies, gelato cake, far Breton, chocolate cake, tiramisu...

CT's roast beef - it was excellent

Close-up of part of the savoury spread

After we have appreciated the teachers for their hard work and infinite patience with the children, we appreciated ourselves with the leftovers. This will be the last buffet for some of the mothers and I feel sad that I will not see them nor some of their specialties next year, but c'est la vie, I guess.

The desserts

Thank you very much, teachers and staff of the school. I would ignore the Teenager's remark, of course, some of his headmistress' hereditary sarcasm has probably rubbed off on him :-).

3 commentaires:

Sothy a dit…

Les crevettes au caramel sont irrésistible, j'adore me lécher les doigts après!

Anonyme a dit…

Thank to you. A teacher, who was checking your blog about today accident in school.....ciao

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Hi, I've told you not to worry about it, these things happen. They are male and young and the headmistress is in control and has dealt with it. And you told me you've also given your pep talk so you've done your job. Anyway yesterday it looked bad but today the mark has faded.