jeudi, mai 06, 2010

Prawn and Asparagus Frittata

Prawn and Asparagus Frittata

How much of one's life is subject to fate or destiny, and how much a question of will?

It was raining yesterday morning and I had a coffee morning to attend in Modena centro. For some reason, there was no parking to be found at 10:30am on a Wednesday which was quite rare. I drove round all the parking areas near the centro, but had no luck. On my 4th round, I decided that it would be my last and that I'd call it quits and apologise to AH for not being able to turn up after that.

I would hate to do this it being her first time organising a coffee morning since arriving in Modena a few months ago. Plus I was partly responsible for helping her make it happen. Wanted to make sure that it would kick off the way we had hoped it would. But you know, trying to find parking sucks.

Of course I had to see a car leaving right in front of me when I was waiting out a red light on that last round. Those were long moments as the car next to me started looking like it wanted to overtake me. That got me into battle mode and I dashed into the empty lot the minute the light turned green and barely resisted showing the other car my 3rd finger. Yes, I am this unladylike.

I have walked in her street countless times on my way to the covered market, but of course I didn't know that she lived there then. Now each time I walk through it (if only in the near future) I know that I'd probably tell whoever's with me that I knew someone living in a flat above it. I didn't have to do it, of course, but it felt inevitable that I'd do it.

I was the first to leave the coffee morning in a lovely flat filled with loads of lovely ladies and cute toddlers as I had a lunch date with SB, ES and KB. Not to forget SB's young and promising boy Ameya who would be flying home to India today. To loads of Hindi and Maths tuition before the new school year starts in June.

We ate at a Greek restaurant Da Kostas in the via Giardini. I was too busy talking to remember to take any pictures of the food or the company. We always do have a good laugh when we meet up, it is a pity that SB had to leave when she had to leave - though if it's any consolation, she'll be back briefly in June to wrap things up. We could have a farewell meal together then and say goodbye properly. Who knows if we'll meet up again one day? And will that depend on fate or on the will?

On this note, I made myself a Prawn and Asparagus Frittata for lunch. Before heading out to the Golf Club to hit a few balls. I have arranged to sell my remaining gym entries to KB as I have more or less given up the idea of exercising. Exercising bores the hell out of me and only makes me want to eat more. And the incentive to drive to Modena to use the sauna at the gym is lost because I now have access to the sauna at the Golf Club and it's just 5 minutes from my house. I totally admire those ladies who are dedicated to working out as often as they can. I have given it a try and it's not written in my stars that I should go on doing it. Why in/re-sist?

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