lundi, mai 17, 2010

Baby Boy's Tree Climbing Party - At Last

Good friend FB and the Birthday Boy

I woke up at 6 on Sunday morning and checked the sky. It wasn't raining. Stupid Hub and his lack of faith in the weatherman, he had made me cancel Baby Boy's tree-climbing party for nothing.

I waited till 8:30am and woke the Hub up. Call the climbing park now and check what it's like up there!!! He grumbled, but knew better than to argue with me.

No problem, the park is sandy so the ground is not muddy...Weather is cool, but the skies are clear...

Brrr....I had to call up every family and inform them that I have changed my plans - again. The party will now start at 1pm instead of 11am and no, it's no longer cancelled. This would give the sun time to come out and for me to bake some brownies en guise de birthday cake, a few dozens curry puffs and Wiener sausage rolls. Sigh, what a stressful morning.

The kids waiting outside the pizzeria


We picked up a little girl along the way and made our way to the pizzeria in Zocca (that we knew would be open on Sunday for lunch) and bought 5 pizzas to bring up to the Parco Esploraria. Baby Boy had his 6th birthday 2 months back and when asked what he wanted to do for the occasion, answered that he would like to do a spot of tree-climbing with his friends. A real Monkey Year baby. :-)

Baby Boy is very good at tree-climbing

Baby Girl sliding towards the net

The Teenager walking in the air

One of the fathers and older kids up there in the trees

We had to wait for the park to open for business sometime in the Spring and since they only open on Sundays before summer, we also had to find a Sunday when we would be free and when it wouldn't be raining. Too many factors to take into consideration for a child's birthday party.

Baby Boy blowing his candle

But I am glad that we did it. The weather was fabulous that afternoon and the kids had a great time (as a few mothers would keep telling me after that). It was really nice doing something fun out there in the open and the Zocca park is well-conceived, well-managed (the Manager Roberto is eco-friendly and travels alot in Asia planning and studying other places with lots of trees) and beautifully-situated. There are courses for children of all ages (from younger children to older children to adults) and during Summer they also offer residential stays with different activities for older children and pre-teenagers. Groups can also choose to stay at the hostel next door and try out the different activities in the Park over a few days. And in a few weeks, they are going to set up a restaurant up in the trees.

Roberto briefing the group

A few donkeys in the park

I am now free of birthday parties till October. I must say that I am starting to run out of ideas on what to do for birthdays here in Modena and will have to really think about it this summer. Anyway, the Lord has been gracious and I thank Him for the good weather that made it possible for Baby Boy to have his party with his friends.

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SIG a dit…

Oh, that is so wonderful, to be able to fulfill his birthday wish. :D I have yet to take the princess for one of these. Must do research. :) Great for upcoming holidays.

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

We were at the Forest Adventure Park in Singapore last year. Check out