vendredi, mai 28, 2010

Grade 2 Pot Luck Lunch

Grade 2 Pot Luck Lunch

This was our 2nd last Grade 2 event for the school year. KM has offered to host our annual pot luck lunch before she leaves Italy and so it was in her lovely flat in Modena that we had our lunch yesterday.

KM's Asparagus Tart

I arrived in her flat 10 minutes before time, having come from a Middle Years Coffee Morning at CH's. She was still in her shower. I got to admire her lovely self all wrapped up in a nice big towel (now I want a towel like that too). The school called just then and asked her to pick up her eldest as he was a little ill.

My Fried Rice Vermicelli

It was fortunate that KM was not the panicky sort. She told me to take over her house while she was away. I've always fancied myself checking out other people's kitchens, but when I got the chance to do just that, actually I found that I couldn't really do it. I ended up pacing the corridor while waiting for the others to arrive.

And when they did, I didn't know how to open the door. There were 4 locks on it. Which one do I open first?

CB's Quiche

LBL's Fried Chinese Dumplings

GA's Crabstick Roll

We had a really nice time. Everyone brought something and we had lots to eat. Too much maybe.

CZ's chocolate cake

It started to rain when we were finishing dessert. Literally cats and dogs. What a weird month of May we've had.

P's Chicken Curry

In the afternoon, I paid a quick visit to P's. She's going home for good at the end of the month. We said our farewells and I returned home with my last chicken curry from P. One of the best I've ever had. Wish her all the best in her future endeavours, that she will be happy and not forget me too quickly.

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june a dit…

OMG... that all looks so good. Man, I need to move to Italy.

I'm curious, what language do you speak most to your children?

Gaëlle a dit…

Love fried dumplings... :)

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

June, you don't to eat anything but Italian in Italy. This spread happened because we're women from different parts of the world in the International School. And even then, not every grade does this. They usually do coffee or eat out in restaurants.

We speak English and French with the children at home. I should have spoken Chinese with them but I couldn't decide between Cantonese and Mandarin and ended up with neither.

Gaelle, love fried dumplings too, these were done by a Chinese mum.

Sothy a dit…

I like the modern interpretation of Ming seats!

Wendy a dit…

Yum yum, that looks delicious. When are you coming again to London? Maybe you can come to my home and cook up a feast?

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Wendy, actually I'll be in London with the Teenager at the end of the month, but we won't be able to meet up because I have his classmate and his mum tagging along. Plus it's a mother and son trip so I just want to spend time with the boy.

Hope to see you another time. Kiss,