jeudi, mai 27, 2010

Rose and Bandung Agar Agar

Rose and Bandung Agar Agar

I had to rush home from my shopping yesterday because Hub needed me to bring something to his workplace for him. But I couldn't enter our home because there was an accident right at our doorstep and therefore a massive jam in our road.

Wednesday's accident (just after noon)

It's a long straight road but for some reason there are often accidents on it. This goes to show how badly they drive here in Modena. We are very near a roundabout and I often see cars overtaking each other the minute they were off it which certainly is stupid, foolish and irresponsible. You know why the Chinese often ask you if you were hurrying towards your reincarnation in a situation like this.

Anyway, I had another piece of agar agar sheet leftover from the other day's agar agar lokum and decided to make some Rose and Bandung Agar Agar with it. Multi-layered agar agar is common where I come from and in keeping with the rose theme, I added milk (coconut milk will do just as nicely) and made a bandung-flavoured layer to go with the rose-flavoured one. It's similar to the lokum agar agar with the addition of screwpine leaves at the boiling stage and no nuts.

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sraikh a dit…

rofl at that saying.
My kids didnt like agar-agar. They much prefer jello. Spouse isnt that much of a fan as well..Sigh

PS:I made pulot hitam in my crockpot for International Luncheon day for my 2nd grader's class..big hit!

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

My kids do not like agar agar either. They love jelly.

I love agar agar though, so I made them for me. :-)

Hub doesn't like either of them.

I love pulut hitam too!!!

Gaëlle a dit…

I have to buy agar agar! there are so many recipes with it and I really would like to try yours.
I let you know!

Anonyme a dit…

Hi Serene,
Where did you get yr rose syrup? I can't find it here in my place nor on online asian food shops. Yr rose agar agar looks so tasty!! :p Sally

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Sally, I have one bottle from Singapore and recently I found more at my local Asian shop (made in Singapore!)...

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks Serene, how I wish my asian shop here sells it too. Have to find out somewhere else unless I come by Maranello! ;) Sally