samedi, mai 01, 2010

Saturday Brunch at Cognento

Baby Girl feeding the Baby

Came home from dinner outside last night to a scary welcome by the biggest scorpion we've seen in 3 years. It was waiting for us on our door and thank goodness we saw it as we were checking the ground to see if we had more caterpillars in our absence. Hub smashed it to death and left it where it fell. It was still there this morning when we left for our brunch invitation. And no longer there when we came back. Who carried the scorpion away?

And we spent the morning watching one of the caterpillars being caught in one of the many spiderwebs in the house. Then we watched as the spider and caterpillar duelled. It was gross and fascinating at the same time. I toyed with the idea of liberating the caterpillar and smashing the spider; of smashing both; and finally decided to let nature take its course and leave them to (maybe) kill each other. I'll clean up after.

I've never been to Cognento. RV never saw it fit to invite me to her house when she was living there. :-) Anyway, we were invited to brunch by one of Hub's colleagues. Guy's French and wife's German and they have a 4-month old baby girl. The one I bought the Armani dress for.

The house

Beautiful day today. And really lovely baby girl. I was totally charmed. Was it such a long time ago since I last carried a baby in my arms? Baby Girl got to feed the baby and she took her responsibility very seriously and didn't move an inch when she was doing it.

The backyard

The house was lovely. An old farmhouse that has been totally renovated and modernised. High ceilings painted white, very bright and airy, wooden floorings in the bedrooms and bathrooms, nicely-decorated bathrooms. Decent-sized garden.

The beautiful baby girl

Brunch was lovely with German specialities like ham and asparagus, asparagus quiche, meatballs, chicken and peppers, cheese, fruit salad...

The dining table

We didn't stay very long as the kids had golf lessons this afternoon. I came back with 5 books to read, the latest Kinsella included, courtesy of the wife. We have pretty similar tastes in easy reading from the look of things, including the rather serious book "Observing the English". How many people would read that? Well, that now makes the 2 of us.

I have decided that I must try to see the mother and cute baby more often. We'll start with next week's coffee morning. I'm sure that she'll welcome the chance to meet other women with very young children. It's never easy when you do not have kids at the International School.

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