lundi, mai 03, 2010

Wenzhou Chinese Specialties

Fatty Pork and Taro in Sauce

Drove to Bologna this morning to meet Margi and Nat. They look like they could be the only 2 Singaporean girls living in Bologna. And the 2 nicest ones :-).

Part of the spread

We had lunch at a Wenzhou Chinese restaurant. The men who were there stared really openly at us. They could be enthralled by my beautiful companions, or they could be impressed with the amount of food we've ordered. Boy, could we eat.

The Bolognese ladies

We visited 2 Chinese shops after lunch and I found this bottle of Chinese eau-de-cologne that mum used to buy. It smells beautiful. She used to add a few drops in our bath water to soothe us. No idea why they labelled it "anti-mosquito" here. Hub said not to put that thing on his skin though, the Chinese couldn't be trusted with their products.

Chinese Cologne

Driving back had been a little difficult as I had trouble keeping my eyes open. I was really sleepy. Last night I slept late as I was trying to finish a book. And it didn't help that I also cried myself to sleep after, having had one of those sudden flashbacks of the Teenager when he was a baby/child.

This happens to me from time to time and it never fails to make me cry. For some reason it is very upsetting to remember the boy when he was much younger and know that he's quite grown up now. It's almost as if I've lost a baby. And it is true in a way, of course.

I cannot stop the time, nor turn back the clock. I do not even know if I can catch up with the changes that are happening today. I guess that firstborns are often very special to their mothers. And we probably feel the most guilty about them too because we were mothers for the first time then and would botch the job not having any parental experience before.

Anyway, I can only move on. Speaking of which Hub called to tell me that he has signed me up as a member at the Golf Club. Now I will have to go and practise my swing whenever I can to make it worth the fee. The kids are very excited about it. They love it when they can spend their time criticising my every movement - and tell me that I'm no good.

8 commentaires:

Edith a dit…

Why you cry? Sad to know that the baby is now a young chap? When I see my boy now as a young man, I marvel how I managed to pull thru those years. hahah.

Now girl, go swing those clubs and get an hour glass figure. I want to see that when you are next back here. hehehe

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

How you pulled through? How about with your beautiful cupcakes? :-)

Swinging clubs only gives one a backache. I'm not optimistic about the hourglass figure.

Edith a dit…

when son was in P3, it was hell for me as I didn't know he has his condition. Didn't know how to cope with it. Went into depression. Now that he is in his teens, his condition improved tremendously.

Have something for you. CHeck it out.

Unknown a dit…

Hello Serene,

I only wonder why my sister in law had never brought me to such tasty restaurant..maybe next time you can ask her :-))))

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Er..I'm seeing her again in less than 2 weeks, I'll try to remember, but then, why don't you ask her yourself, she's your SIL after all!

Unknown a dit…

Of course just a joke! I thought the smiley I put at the end of my comment was clear that I was joking. Enjoy yourselves at the next meeting!

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Edith, thanks for thinking of me, I'll claim it when I can think of 10 things to write about myself. I only talk about myself all these years I've run out of what to say - about myself! :-)

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

I thought that it was a very very hopeful kind of smiley (haha)...

We'll try to have fun, not to worry, we're meeting at my place next and we're going to make plans for our girls' night out this coming Summer (*wink*)...