dimanche, mai 16, 2010

Cucina del Museo Revisited

Grilled gambas with Szechuan pepper on beansprouts

A few months back we dined at the Cucina del Museo in Modena for my birthday and Hub enjoyed it so much he promised that we would return. We did just that yesterday and had another enjoyable meal at said restaurant.

Couldn't remember what we were celebrating, unless you consider Hub's and the Teenager's success at their golf test. It was the latter's first attempt (and in Italian to boot) so it was a miracle that he got through. Now they are both working on getting a handicap.

Beef sushi

It was raining cats and dogs and Hub nagged me non-stop when we were in the car to cancel Baby Boy's party for the next day and I ended up capitulating and calling up everyone to change my plans. Didn't reach the restaurant in a good mood, I hate to disappoint my baby.

Scallop raviolis with red roe sauce

The restaurant is really small, I have almost forgotten that. The owner was there as usual, taking up most of the remaining space. He served us a glass of Prosecco and a few fried meatballs to start as we looked through the menu. We decided on the tasting menu for 2 with glasses of wine chosen by the owner for each course.


This evening the food was Italian, but sometimes Asian in inspiration. We had Grilled Gambas with Szechuan Pepper on a bed of Beansprouts to start, followed by a really delicious and delicate Beef Sushi. Then we had Open Raviolis of Scallops followed by a succulent Fiorentina Tagliata. Pre-dessert was an amazingly refreshing Parmesan Gelato with Crema Balsamica. And we ended the meal with a Chocolate-coated Pinenut Semifreddo that didn't disappoint. The white wine came from the Lake Garda region and the red wine from Tuscany and both were very good. The dinner came up to 180 euros for the 2 of us.

Parmesan ice cream with crema balsamica

Chocolate-coated pinenut semifreddo

Do you still remember Chage and Aska? I suddenly thought of them yesterday and found their 101 Proposals theme song "Say Yes" on the Net. I am very fond of this Japanese duo and am happy to be able to catch the song again. It's now on my sidebar (till I tire of it).

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Chage & Aska, of course I do remember them. I have their all time hits compilation CD!