jeudi, mai 20, 2010

More Cook Books

The current stockpile, missing Ken Hom's Taste of China which is in the WC, like mum said, what goes in has to come out

I knew that I had bought a few cook books recently, though I only realised how many when they started arriving one after the other in the past 2 weeks and fill up the house with boxes and bubble envelopes. On last count, they were 12. Where am I going to find the space to store them and the time to read them?

Still sous cellophane

3 commentaires:

Gaëlle a dit…

Très jolie collection de livres! Je suis sure que tout n'est pas sur la photo!

Edith a dit…

Dear, never too much for books. Enjoy.

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Gaelle, ce sont des livres que j'ai commandé récemment, comme disait mon mari, j'ai un problème, j'suis trop shopaholic!

Edith, only problem is finding space for them, they are still stacked on the dining table...