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Golf Day at Soliera

Golf Day at Soliera

For a few months now a few Grades at the school have been learning how to play golf with Paolo de Ascentiis, a Pro who has founded the PDA Golf School and who is currently working with a number of golf clubs in the region (our school included) to promote the sport of golf among children. Our school's children practiced their swings for the first time at a driving range and the whole school has been invited to visit this newly-opened Agriturismo cum Golf Club Le Vigne della Duchessa in Soliera (MO) where Mr de Ascentiis is Director, Secretary and Technical Manager.

Teenager getting a tip from the Pro

Weather was so-so as today is the beginning of a rainy week to come according to the weatherman. But it was interesting to visit a new outfit and I'm always keen to see how old farmhouses have been renovated and modernised. Hub and the Babies didn't come as they have decided to pay golf at the Modena Golf Club instead - since only the kids from Grades 5-9 would be allowed to practise at Soliera.

The place reminded me of my current house, surrounded by fields and vineyards. But of course I do not have a pool or a golf course and the interior of my house is gloomy and boring. They have created a very bright interior by painting the walls, ceilings and wooden beams white. The 8 rooms in the building are beautifully decorated with wooden furniture imported directly from Bali. Zen, luxury, relaxation.

The main staircase

One of the rooms on the 1st floor

The Teenager was sorry that he didn't bring his own set of golf clubs as he prefers to practise with clubs that he knows, of course. He was happy to be there practising with his schoolmates, but once the novelty wore off, he asked me to drive him back to our Golf club so that he could play on the green...Those kids are really greedy nowadays.

Le Vigne della Duchessa

Vacon Italy is the sponsor of the Golf Day at Soliera. The MD's daughter will be joining the school next year and as an avid golfer himself, he has decided to partner Mr de Ascentiis to provide a golfing opportunity for the students of the school.

At noon, a buffet of local specialties was graciously provided by the establishment for the visitors who would also have a chance to talk to the people behind the idea face-to-face. I stuffed myself at the buffet and then made the mistake of joining Hub at the Golf and having lunch again. Sigh...

Golf Club and Country Resort Le Vigne della Duchessa
Via Cà Vecchia, 84
41019 Soliera (MO)

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