mercredi, mai 12, 2010

Usbourne Book Sale and Bake Sale

School's Bake Sale

This is a very busy week for me and it started as you know with a Lebanese lunch at GA's. Then mums and kids alike gave Baby Girl's form teacher a surprise birthday party yesterday with 2 homemade cakes and a venetian glass necklace and earring set from Antica Murrina.

I was also out shopping for a collective gift for a mum who just had a new baby...I must admit that I have been neglecting my household chores as a result and Hub thinks I'm mad to be doing all this.

Oat and Chocolate Brownies (with a hint of coffee)

Last night I could barely stay awake as I baked some brownies for today's Bake Sale (proceeds partly to go to charity) that was held in conjunction with the Usbourne Book Sale. We like to hold the 2 events at the same time as the kids enjoy having a muffin or slice of cake to nibble on as they browse through the books on display. I didn't get to sleep much after that unfortunately as Hub woke up at 5 this morning in anticipation of the workers' strike that would start at 6.30am at Ferrari. He wanted to get into the office before they block the entrance.

This morning, I decided to add some vegetarian spring rolls and baked cumin and chicken sausage rolls to the Bake sale because I am fond of having something savoury to sell for a change. I should have made more as LS and I had to spend our whole morning there and didn't get to eat lunch.

Baked Cumin and Chicken Sausage Rolls

Tomorrow morning we'll have an early start as the Teenager will be going on a school trip to Verona and I need to pack him a bento. And on Friday we'll be having our 2nd cookery club lesson - this time at JW's...English cooking. Finally, we celebrate (belatedly) Baby Boy's Birthday with a tree-climbing party on Sunday. Here, I've said it all.

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