jeudi, mai 13, 2010

The Humble Egg Sandwich

Egg Sandwich

My little sister taught me how to make this Egg Sandwich light years ago. I was living in Paris then and she had just finished a year volunteering with children in Japan. She came out to visit me before going back to the rat race in Singapore.

I was still doing my postgrad in those days and was also struggling with a baby (aka the Teenager) and a part-time job in an Irish-owned language institute. My boss was having a reception one evening for more than 30 friends at his place and I wanted to secure my new-found position (PA) by being very personal and very much of assistance :-). So I offered to cook for the reception. Though I couldn't really cook then.

But my little sister was there and she took charge of most of the preparations. I couldn't remember what we prepared that evening - but I would not forget these simple but delicious Egg Sandwiches. I am very fond of them and the Babies love them too.

After stuffing myself all morning with chocolate-coated corn flakes, I told myself that I had better make something healthier for lunch. Woke up really early this morning so as to send the Teenager to the train station for his trip to Verona and have whiled my morning away reading a blog kept by an English girl who had turned to social escorting (question mark over whether she actually slept with her clients but at £300/h she must have) to pay for her Doctorate.

It was fascinating and I found myself wondering why I hadn't thought to do that myself when I was doing my thesis. Probably because I didn't have those legs and boobs, didn't know how to dress, couldn't make intelligent conversation in high-class settings, wouldn't be able to hide my distaste for men who hire social escorts, am not blond, but came fresh out of a particularly conservative family. It was bad enough I had that baby out of wedlock, imagine how my dad would die a few times over if I were to add "social escort" to my list of sins. Hub probably wouldn't have minded though, a working girl is a girl who works after all. Yeah...

The sandwich is very easy to make, just sandwich bread nicely buttered and filled with an egg filling made of mashed hard-boiled eggs, crème fraîche, salt and pepper. Occasionally I would also add a few bacon rashers, but figured that after a morning of sweet corn flakes I should keep things simple.

Hub's new TaylorMade driver and Cleveland Tour Action 588 Sand Wedge (lastminute addition) arrived today from the UK. That was fast considering that the order was finalised just 3 days ago. I hope that he's going to like it. Yesterday he came back from his golf test in good spirits, seeming to think that he had a good chance of passing the test. If he did, he would finally be on his way to getting his first handicap.

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Pris a dit…

Hi dear! I'm back online! Though I have to "take turns" using my computer with my brother, who's staying over at our place now.

So nice to read your blog entries again! It has kinna become my regular habit. I think I know which Girl you're talking about. I read about her somewhere too.

And I agree that it was a good decision of yours not to have become a social escort. Still am very conservative at heart and believe that sex should only be shared with your spouse.

Anonyme a dit…

Lotus, if you do not mind, may I know how your parents reacted when you first told them you were having a baby and not yet married? Did you tell them immediately or were you in a dilemma to tell or not to tell.

Did they have a I told you so, go overseas, anyhow befriend folks, see now this happens stock reply etc. I hear this refrain many times over the decades when sending relatives, friends overseas for further studies when their parents give the young ones 101 instructions of dos and donts.

SIG a dit…

I love this sandwich! Comfort food.

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Pris, you are too conservative for your own good :-)

I've a friend who told me once that one-night stands can be exciting for its own reasons (e.g. knowing you won't see the guy again and can let yourself go) and therefore should be tried at least once in one's life. And now she's happily married to the man of her life so that didn't hurt as you can see. LOL

Anon, my mum was quite open actually. She said, "Lotus, many girls go overseas and do what they want, and nobody needs to know as long as they didn't get pregnant...but do what you must it's your life and your child."

We agreed not to tell my dad till the child's born and we could go home together for a visit, he was furious for a few days and then all's well that ends well and grandpa and grandson have adored each other ever since.

Actually, one out of 3 couples I know here since I started living in Europe didn't get married till years after their child(ren) were born. Marriage is something people want to do because they felt ready for and ditto with having children and it doesn't matter to them which came first, what mattered was what they felt ready for first. Just here in Modena, there'll be a wedding end of May and another in June involving couples who have children and who are only getting married years after. Their kids will be bearing the rings etc it's quite sweet.

SIG, it's certainly comfort food!