mardi, juin 08, 2010

Why I Want to be a Teacher

No, not me. I was perhaps tempted at some point when I was a teenager being brain-washed at my Christian secondary school by our School Principal. She was always on the lookout for future teaching generations of "Old PL Girls" during school assemblies, but the spell was broken the minute I graduated and they gave me books instead of money when I topped the whole school in 3 subjects. At the moment a number of my former classmates and schoolmates (most were teachers' pets turned teachers) are actually holding very important positions in my alma mater and I am relieved that I am not with them - at all.

But I had this interesting (for me) conversation with Baby Girl a few evenings ago.

I arrived in the bathroom to find shit all over the toilet bowl. Baby Girl was behind me. By process of elimination, you can figure that one of the boys was responsible. I know, I'm one of those long-suffering mums.

I started to clean the WC, cursing and swearing under my breath all the time.

BG : That's why I do not want to be a mummy! You have to clean caca, yucks!

Me : Tell me about it, between your backsides and the toilets, I am up to here in shit.

BG : I do not want to be a mummy, it hurts in the wee-wee when the baby comes out.

Me : You wouldn't be here if I was thinking like that.

BG : I am going to be a teacher. Teachers do not have to clean caca, but get to scream at children and give alot of homework...

I was just thinking that most of the teachers at her school do not have kids. They probably knew about the caca business.

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Unknown a dit…

Baby Girl is so funny! But, at least in italy, teachers are not well paid enough to afford to pay someone cleaning the "caca" from the bathroom. So, my suggestion to Baby girl is to change country before it too late!

rinaz a dit…

Hahaha! Wait till she start to teach the brats in schools.

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Hi Emanuele, I don't think schools anywhere can afford to pay someone to clean caca nowadays :-)

Anyway, we shouldn't be in Italy for long. I have a low attention span and am already itching to leave and see something else, trying to get the Hub to up and go...