lundi, juin 07, 2010

Passion Fruit and Cola Chocolate Charlotte

Passion Fruit and Cola Chocolate Charlotte

I had an easy dessert figured out. Only to discover when I was ready to do it that I had somehow fantasized about having a few packets of large Italian sponge fingers. When in reality I only had one small packet of small sponge fingers. How could I be so mistaken?

Coffee sponge base, cola-dipped fingers
I decided that I will have to bake my own sponge base, and while I was at it, I might as well add some coffee into it. I was going to make a Passion Fruit and Cola Chocolate Charlotte. Using Maracuja and Cola Chocolate mousses. And adding gelatine to firm them up. 3 leaves for each mousse. Chill, chill and chill before serving.

Cola Chocolate Mousse first layer
Dipped the sponge fingers in...Coca Cola. I am on a cola trip at the moment.

Maracuja Mousse second layer
Days like this I wish once again that I had a bigger fridge. Could only make one charlotte and will have to force 2 trays of chocolate brownies on my guests. Though I think they would prefer the latter, brownies always go down well.

The final product - before any eventual toppings and decoration
By the way, I found those big sponge fingers I was talking about earlier after I have made my charlotte. C'est la vie. Probably only happens to me.

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Gaëlle a dit…

Love charlottes cakes!

Yours is so beautifull!