mardi, juin 15, 2010

Boogie Night

An "old" picture of me with the 70s Stars (am I short or what!)

I've been a zombie for the past few days. Lack of sleep is the main reason. Saturday night we attended the party of the year in the Modena expat community. The B's do a dance party with lots of music, booze and great company every June and you always look forward to receiving an invitation for it.

This year we picked up the Bl's before we drove to the party. As the only light drinker in the group, I was given the chauffer job. Based on last year's experience, we would be the last to leave, so I brought a sweater, a bottle of anti-mosquito spray, a pair of Birkenstocks and tried not to be in a hurry. The night would be long.

MIL was here to babysit this year so we were even less stressed. Ended up being the last to leave as expected - and at 4am.

MB has an amazing green thumb...

The B's provided the drinks and the meat and we were to come with a side dish or a dessert. I made a Thai Pineapple Rice which was well-received. I believe that we were 33 guests that evening.

2 of the tables in front of the dance floor

The highlight of the party was the arrival of the A's - in 70s dress, wigs, psychedelic clothing, hippy shoes and all. I should have worn my super shiny black dress - to match the disco ball. I bought it 20 years ago and have never worn it, it still has its price tag on.

This table was my docking station.

I don't ever dance, just spent my time eating and chatting away. And watching those folks letting it go on the dance floor. It was great.

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Anonyme a dit…

You look groovy in that photo but a bit blurred. Was it taken on a mobile phone?

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

It was taken on my old camera.

Chose the blur photo for the vintage look :-).