jeudi, juin 10, 2010

Sambal Crab on Kangkong and Sambal Lobster Fried Rice

Sambal Crab on Chinese Water Spinach

I was looking at a beautiful cake in a baking blog and clicked on a link that sent me to the web page of a pretty Malaysian girl who was the subject of the entry. On her page I clicked on another link - and found myself looking at loads of beautiful (and some not so beautiful according to me) Asian girls, a number of them in their birthday suits and some more modified than others (since birth).

I wish I could say, "What is it that they have that I don't?" which while isn't untrue, doesn't somehow yield the same results. What is truer of course is more like what they didn't have that I do - like cellulite, fat, saggy skin, mosquito bites and crooked teeth among other things. Anyway I wasn't too jealous, just hoping that if I had better karma maybe in my next life I wouldn't be a sow, but a Gong Li-lookalike. Otherwise, I am not too ugly for an ageing fat Asian woman for which I am grateful enough.

Under the category of "Asian Adult Actresses", I wouldn't be turned on by most of the girls. Which probably explained why they went into pornography. Having said that I don't think like the men and we may not have the same taste. There were also a few really beautiful women and there I really do not understand why they would need to go into this industry. They should just go directly into modelling or escort services.

And I saw a few transexuals and was totally bluffed. I'm a real female and I don't look half as feminine or pretty as most of them. This meant that instead of filing my French taxes I spent the afternoon reading up operations : history, psychology, procedures etc. Very scary and interesting at the same time. And confirmation that I did well to have given up on medicine when I was younger. I do not have the stomach for this. Already cleaning fish myself is a feat. A remarkable one.

Speaking of fish, I found photos of 2 dishes that I made for my solitary lunches just before my trip to Alghero : Sambal Crab on Chinese Water Spinach and Sambal Lobster Fried Rice.

Sambal Lobster Fried Rice

I found that red lobster particularly sexy, by the way. But the crab tasted better. Remember what Caesar said about letting him have men around him who are not thin. The horizontally-endowed crab is still my preferred seafood.

4 commentaires:

Pris a dit…

Hey serene!
How do you get chinese spinach there?? Are they dried? What do they look like???

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

The Chinese water spinach were fresh. And they are also known as Kangkong and morning glory. Chinese spinach is another vegetable, by the way.

Anonyme a dit…

your lobster dishes always look soooooo impressive. Do you get them fresh or frozen?


Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Hi Elaine!

Both. This time it was pre-cooked and frozen and I must say that I'd prefer to have it raw.