samedi, juin 19, 2010

Subtile Raison by Mauboussin

Subtile Raison by Mauboussin

I felt really down yesterday evening. We finally had our Grade 2 Pool Party at LP's in the afternoon and bade farewell to the 7 children and their mums (from the class) who would be leaving the school. I guess that the anti-climax after all that build-up of excitement and stress (that something would go wrong) was what tired me. I'm glad that my Class Rep duties for this school year are over for now.

Needing something to perk me up, I got myself a new ring this afternoon. I love a number of Mauboussin's creations and always look forward to collecting their pieces whenever the occasion should present itself. Found this cocktail ring from its Subtile Raison collection that had everything to please : Rose Gold, Smoked Quartz (5,20 ct) and Orange Sapphires. In a simple heart. Cécilia Cigañer-Albeniz (Sarkozy's ex-wife) had a Rose de France engagement ring from the same collection when she married Richard Attias.

I toyed with the idea of buying a beautiful blue topaz and diamond pendant from its Trop fou de toi collection too, but decided not to overstretch our purse strings today. After all we've not had any bonus this year no thanks to the economic crisis. Besides, I've also been eyeing a Bulgari B.Zero diamond pendant that I saw MM wearing and maybe I should save the money for that another day.

This evening we'll be attending the D's farewell party at the Club Giardino at Carpi. Which reminds me that I had better prepare the guest room for the B's who will be coming over from Milan and who will be sleeping over at ours. And check the fridge to see if we have butter, eggs and jam for breakfast!

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Anonyme a dit…

wow this is a stunning one! Love Mauboussin's pieces too although I don't own any :-P

Elaine (TO)