dimanche, juin 27, 2010

Farewell to 8 Families

Karin (great taste, good fun, lovely cook) and I

I just came back from a farewell party at the Mammut Club in Modena. 8 families have come together to organise the event and we've been invited by one of them. But of course I knew everyone though admittedly I wasn't close to all of them.

Linda, she's really linda, I'll miss her!

Ghada (my fave gal), Patrizia and I

But still, I definitely will miss a number of them. In fact I'm quite proud of myself, that a cry baby like me had managed not to cry. It's not too difficult if you try hard enough not to talk to them until it's time to leave. That's the way I do it anyway.

I adore Cecilia and her dolls of 2 girls

Me, Nina and Becki

I usually do not put up pictures of people from the school community unless I know that they wouldn't mind. But this blog is where I record some of my thoughts and happenings, and I would like to remember a few of these wonderful ladies here today.

We take a break - that's my son playing football with his friends

Katarina (very good cook, lovely girl) and I

I wish them all the best and hope that our paths will somehow cross again someday.

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Anonyme a dit…

Love the first photo, you two look so sun-kissed and you look sooo 'exotic' and 'Hawaiian' :-P