mercredi, juin 23, 2010

Lebanese Cooking with GA

Ouzi Bundles

This is GA's first cookery class with our club and her last - unfortunately. And she tried to teach us a maximum number of dishes meaning that the whole morning was spent cooking and the early part of the afternoon spent eating. It is always interesting watching another cook in action, learning each time something new and interesting. And Oriental cuisine is not only delicious and rich in texture, but also such a feast for the eye.

GA in action

Filling for Ouzi Bundles

Lebanese Rice with Vermicelli

Fatteh with Kafta

The kitchen was filled with the most lovely aromas when I arrived. We were to learn how to make a few Lebanese and Persian dishes. Most of them were meat and rice-based this morning, with generous use of nuts like pistacchios, almonds and pine nuts, tomato sauce, garlic, onions, lemon juice and yoghurt among other ingredients.

Ouzi Bundles

Persian Rice

A portion of the Persian rice with beef and potato

Lady Fingers

This was also our last cookery lesson until the new school year begins and we have 2 members who have yet to present their cuisines. Keep an eye on this space come Autumn.

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Ouzi Bundles looks very interesting, I am assuming that is rice with nuts bundled in a bread bun?

Cross section of Persian Rice looks like bazhang. At first look, I thought it was pineapples on top of rice but its potatoes.

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Puff pastry bun.

Persian rice is what inspired biryani if I'm not wrong. And yes, it's potatoes.