vendredi, juin 04, 2010

Alghero in a Few Pictures

Old Town, Alghero

We didn't do much in Alghero except eat, go to the beach and eat again. Not even a spot of shopping, not even a souvenir bought. What a change from my see-what-buy-what travelling days more than a decade ago. In those days I would rather starve than not buy a souvenir. Now it's very much the opposite, or truth is I couldn't buy anything seeing that Hub wouldn't let me go near any shop. In any case, I have run out of storage space at home.

Alghero's old town is very small. The city has less than 50 000 inhabitants and apparently the population has decreased in the last few decades probably due to low birth rates and migration towards the mainland. The fortified port is quite pretty and there seems to be many shops selling coral jewellery. I'm really not into shells and corals so no danger there. They still use wardens for parking in this city. No parking metres, someone's job is to sell you your parking ticket. No coins no problem.

The port

Just 200m from our residence there was the beach. And it's actually quite a fine one with both public and private sections. We needed the shower on our last day there and so opted for the private stretch - nearest to the public one. I can never understand why the Italians seem to like being packed like tins of sardines on the beach, lying on beds close to one another, rows and rows of them facing the same direction. We chose a simple and basic operator, no flashy parasols, no music, and also almost nobody.

Our stretch of the beach with view of the port in the old town

I would say that the best time to visit this charming city would be in June and in September. We were there a little too early or maybe the weather is really weird this year as we didn't think that it was very warm when we were there. Too much wind. Still, we've enjoyed our visit and hope to return to Alghero and Sardinia another day.

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