mercredi, juin 02, 2010

KaRol Casa Vacanze, Alghero

Our balcony at KaRol Casa Vacanze

Alghero is expensive like most tourist resorts. Since we had decided to rent a car for the duration of our stay, I've chosen to stay outside the old town centre in a more affordable holiday flat. It's just 200m from the beach and has a few supermarkets nearby - quite convenient.

The kitchen cum living room and sofa bed

KaRol Casa Vacanze is newly-built and furnished much to our delight. The kitchen is quite well-equipped with a much appreciated large fridge and the beds were quite comfortable. The boiler is small though so if you're 5 like us, you try not to spend too much time in the shower. The receptionist Iride was friendly and made sure that we would have toilet paper, a bottle of water and a few bars of soap on our first night knowing that we would arrive around midnight when the shops would be closed. You are normally expected to buy or bring everything that you'll need during your stay since this is not a hotel.

The Babies' bedroom

I've read complaints about how you're expected to pay extra for everything from parking to having TV to using the oven etc. Well, it suited us fine that the price didn't include all of that so that we could decide whether or not to pay for the "extras". For just 3 nights we didn't need to watch TV and since we wanted to try the restaurants in town we didn't need the oven either. It still wasn't a cheap stay, but it could have been more expensive so I'm happy with the arrangement.

The master bedroom

The only thing missing was a pool, but since we didn't expect the water to be too warm during this period we could live without one. We had a large balcony instead and if you are eating in it could be nice having your meal in it. But you only get a view of all the other buildings.

The building

If we should choose not to rent a car the next time, we may stay in the old town in one of those hotels with a view of the sea.

KaRol Casa Vacanze
Via delle Baleari, 19
07041 Alghero (SS)
Tel : 079 973 9413

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