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Stintino and Pelosa Beach, Sardinia

Pelosa Beach, Stintino

We have found paradise in the Mediterranean. In the form of the village of Stintino and its beautiful Pelosa Beach. The waters were turquoise, crystal clear and the sand fine fine fine. Situated about 50 minutes by car north of Alghero and opposite the island of Asinara (a National Park), Stintino is a small village that used to house less than 50 fishing families resettled from Asinara. It has slightly more than 1000 inhabitants today though during the summer months it would be full of tourists. No prizes for guessing why.

Stintino, Sardinia

The village has 2 small marinas and a museum dedicated to tuna fishing. And an excellent bakery and gelateria situated just on the lungomare Cristoforo Colombo (N° 31?). We must have spent a small fortune there getting in and out of the shop at least 5-6 times ordering and re-ordering their pastries and ice cream. Lunch was in the Ristorante Lu Fanali situated right on the harbour with a beautiful view of the sea. A bit expensive and food was average.

A house in Stintino
The little beach in Stintino

We toyed with the idea of swimming in Stintino where there is a small and clean beach, but were glad to have checked out Pelosa beach just a few minutes by car away with its absolutely beautiful beach and sea!

Pelosa Beach viewed from the parking area

The day would have been perfect if only there were showers on the public parts of the beach and if it hadn't been so windy. We were forced to leave after an hour and a half because the wind was blowing sand into our eyes and chilling us to the bone in spite of the blue sky and strong sun. I look like a panda bear now, by the way.

Happy children digging in the sand
Beautiful fine-sand beach, clear turquoise sea

Still, it was a lovely visit and well worth the car ride out. Difficult to imagine that just beyond the stretch of no-man's land (filled with wind turbines and electricity stations) exists such a little paradise.

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I love Stintino's Pelosa beach too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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