lundi, juin 07, 2010

Sunday Lunch for 24

Grapefruit and Young Leaves Salad

It took me 3 years to invite 3 of the 4 families that came to lunch yesterday. This was my 2nd weekend family lunch invitation this year and probably one of the last since it would soon be the Summer vacations. I will have to try to do something before Autumn arrives (when the new school year begins), but with the current meteorological trends and my busy social calendar, I am not optimistic.

But let's remember the lovely Sunday we just had. Couldn't ask for more beautiful weather. We were 10 adults and 14 children. Our guests hailed from Italy (Milano and Modena), Germany and the USA...Most of the children knew each other, it's a small community.

BBQ was the plan. With the finest Argentinian and Brazilian Beef that you can find in Modena. Sourced from my own personal supplier :-)

Alcohol was free flowing from sparkling white wines to Umbrian and Piemontese red wines to fruit and armagnac liquors... To give you an idea of how much Hub had drunk, he went to catch 40 winks towards the end of the afternoon when the guests were still around. Then he went to the pool with the kids just after the party (I won't say lunch anymore since it was after 6:30pm when they left), passing by the rubbish dump to throw away some garbage - only not to remember it at all. Trou de mémoire, he totally couldn't remember having gone to the rubbish dump! Scary...

The Menu :

Gazpacho with Garlic Croutons

Mini Vegetarian Quiches

Beetroot Hoummous with Pita Bread

Raw Vegetable Platter


Grapefruit and Young Leaves Salad

Killiney Katong Laksa (courtesy of One Wheel)

Grilled Argentinian Beef Filet

Grilled German and Italian Sausages

Camembert and Gongorzola with a failed home-made Bread

Chocolate Walnut Brownies

Fresh Fruit from the Farm

Maracuja and Cola Chocolate Charlotte


The Sunday Lunch Group

The company was fabulous, the main reason why we organise lunches and dinners. Eating out is just never the same, there is nothing like being in your own home with a few friends eating and chatting away for hours - literally. Plus most of us have children and it is much nicer for them to have other kids to play with, room in which to run around.

3 commentaires:

One Wheel a dit…

How is the Killiney one compared to Prima? Need more? just shout :)

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

The Killiney one seems to have more dried shrimp. They are both different and quite good.

But I think the best has to be the Killiney rendang paste.

When are you going to update your blog, by the way?

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

You know what, I think the laksa paste from Spices of the Orient is even better than Prima or Killiney.